It has been some time since I last blogged. Much things have happened....

I am now working as an auditor in Deloitte, one of the Big4 firms. This is a job which I have never ever expected to be given! Remember when I first blogged about my future career? I totally blocked out Auditor from my choice of selection. However, God does things in surprising ways, He always give us what we have never expected! Somehow, it was the thing that we hated the most but it turned out to be the best thing that has happened in your life!

My work place is in Malacca, how lucky I was to be offered an auditing job in Malacca with a good salary. Being near with my family, church and friends, I have never ever felt so blessed! My job is always moving around. I will travel from one client's place to another to audit their accounts, which totally suited my nomad lifestyle. I get to experience different style of working and get to work in different environment.

Working in such an environment has enabled me to go to places. I've drove up to PJ for a full week's training in my Kancil and coming next week, I will be taking my dad's Toyota Vios down to JB for a week's of field work. I'm actually more stressed out to use my dad's car than my Kancil. Reason is mainly due to the fact that I don't own the car. I am so used to handling my manual car, now for me to change to an auto-high powered Vios, I'm super worried.

Sometimes I really envied my other friends which somehow managed to live their lives without the need to drive to outstation all the time. Somehow or rather, they will have a driver which is willing to fetch them to go anywhere, be in in the form of a bf or colleagues. I've always been the not so lucky one. I always ended up with no choice but to drive up to outstations alone or be the 'driver' of those 'lucky souls'... Yes, I am frustrated, but to think from a positive point, I'm becoming more independent now. At least in future, I have no problem to travel far.

Starting from tomorrow, I will be taking my dad's Vios to work. I have to start training myself to use his car, if not how am I going to cope with the traffic on the highway to JB next Sunday? Everything is so new for me. My dad's car, a new route to work and a new working environment! Honestly, I'm worried, but at the same time I'm very excited about my next adventure! I can't wait to meet up with my L2M friends in JB and to go around JB to try out their food, and of course, to visit some nice places. Hopefully, I can get to meet Fr Chris before he leaves for Rome!

Worries will always remain as worries. Each day we are given a different set of them! As per Fr Eddie," Don't worry of what comes tomorrow, for there are enough worries for one day!". So, I'm going to surrender all my worries to God in the form of prayer this whole week and also the week when I'm in JB. I pray for a strong heart, courage and also safety. Amen.